2019 Class7Training Shipper’s Training for Radioactive Materials is Available!

The 2019  Class7Training Shipper’s Training for Radioactive Materials and Study Guide is Live!!!.   Our company is committed to helping you save on training and travel costs.

Pricing for training is as follows:

  • 1 user $295
  • 2-3 users $265
  • More than 4  users $200 per user

This is fully complete Training program includes :

  • DOT General awareness training
  • DOT Security awareness training
  • IATA based Function-specific training for Radioactive Materials. Topics include:
    • Excepted Packages: Instruments and articles, limited quantity of materials, empty packaging,
    • Type A packages
    • Type B packages
    • LSA, SCO, and Fissile materials

Includes a DOT supplement that covers the relevant DOT Tables and their IATA counterparts.

To order: E-mail us at sales@class7training.com with the Names (First, Last) and e-mail addresses of students you will be training. We’ll contact you to confirm enrollment to the online Learning Management System and to arrange payment for the course.