About Us

About Us

Class7Training was founded in 2005 to provide consulting and educational services to assist organizations in navigating the complex international requirements involved with the shipping and handling of radioactive materials.  We also provide general Health Physics Consulting Services, including program reviews, license reviews, and employee training.

Class7Training provides online training products to instruct shippers how to properly apply, classify, identify, package, mark, label and document radioactive material for air transport in conformance with the IATA and ICAO regulations. We have also produced a supplemental study guide to assist users in completing the training.

Phone:    +1 (831) 212-8497 8-4:30 Pacific
e-mail:     sales@class7training.com

Mailing:   1004 Canvasback Ct., Carlsbad CA 92011


About our staff:

Ken Smith, founder of Class7Training is a Certified Health Physicist (CHP).  He has worked in the field of Radiation Safety for over 16 years.  Ken conducts training classes in the areas of radiation safety officer training, radioactive materials transportation, radiation awareness training and preparation for the National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologist NRRPT exam. Ken is available for in-person training and consulting throughout California.

Bridget Smith, editor and content developer has a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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