Both the IATA and DOT versions of the Class7Training Shipper’s Training for Radioactive Materials Online Training contain links to valuable resources regarding preparing, packaging, and shipping Radioactive Materials.  We have included some of these resources on the Class7Training web page so you can preview them.

IATA Version

0.4 Class7Training Newsletter

0.5  Radiation Shipper Training Certification Template

1.12 Definition of Radioactive Material for the Purpose of Transportation

1.18 Radiation Unit Conversions

2.10 USPS Publication 52

3.7 Links

3.17 DOT 49 CFR 173.476

4.14 A1 and A2 Values

4.14 DOT 49 CFR 172.01, Appendix A

5&6.28 Highway Route Controlled Quantities

7.6 VRI Codes

8.18 24 Hour ER numbers

8.20 Emergency Response Guides

8.23 DOT CFR 172.101 Appendix A

8.24 Dangerous Goods Checklist for a Radioactive Shipment

9.2 Quality Assurance Programs

9.5 Import and Export Information for Radioactive Materials