Quick Reference: Important DOT and IATA Tables

Subject IATA DOT (49 CFR)
Training 1.5.1 172.700 et al
Definition of Radioactive Mat. 10.3.1 173.403
Excluded from Definition of Rad 173.401
Exempt Materials Table 10.3.A 173.436
Proper Shipping Name 10.4.A 172.101
Table of A1 and A2 values for radionuclides 10.3.A and 173.435
Calculating Activity for Mixed Packages and Table 10 B 173.433
General Values for A1 and A2 10.3.B 172.431
List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities 172.101 Appendix A, Table 2
Activity Limits for Limited Quantities Instruments and Articles 10.3.D 172.425 Table 4
Non-Fixed External Radioactive Surface Contamination Limits 172.433 Table 9
Transport Index 10.5.C 172.403
Excepted Package Activity Limits 10.3.D 172.425 Table 4
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