California Low Level Radioactive Waste Reporting Requirements

This is a reminder to all of our clients and customers regarding the reporting requirements for LLRW in the State of California.  If you would like assistance in preparing and submitting these reports please contact me at bsmith@class7training.comso that we may begin compiling a summary report in order to meet the reporting deadline of June 30, 2013.The requirements are as follows:On or before June 30, 2013 all licensees must complete and submit to the Radiological Health Branch the same NRC forms for the LLRW stored and/or shipped by the generator during the 2011 calendar year to satisfy the requirements of Health and Safety Code section 115000.1(h). That information shall cover a calendar year from January 1 through December 31. If all shipped LLRW was reported during the year, an additional annual report of shipped LLRW is not necessary.For more information about the LLRW requirement for the State of California see the following document

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